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Cycling is a wonderful sport thanks to many aspects; it can have the characteristics of a quiet ride, or it can have high athletic content if you follow the footsteps of the great champions, or it can still be an interesting means of exploration.

Who is it for? Triathlon is considered a sport suitable for adults and children, as it's a fun and exciting sport with very varied distances. The most trained athletes travel longer distances, while children or beginners can tack on sprints. The final goal of the sprints is not to get to the finish line before the other competitors, but simply to finish the race and certainly have fun - as well as obviously improving during each workout
What is it for? Because it's composed of different disciplines, triathlon is an extremely complete sport, which allows you to train the muscles of the whole body, thus giving a truly harmonious and enviable physique, worthy of a Greek statue. Then there are the mental benefits: this sport, in fact, is a great method to strengthen one's character and increase one's self-esteem, extremely useful aspects to face the difficulties of everyday life. Moreover, if practiced in a team, the triathlon is able to develop the spirit of aggregation, improving interpersonal skills.
What do you need to do it at home? You can start without spending too much if you know what you really need to buy. The basic equipment to get closer to this activity is the body, light and without pockets, which is used for pedaling and running, the wetsuit for swimming, the swimming goggles, the bike with its helmet and shoes and running shoes , possibly with elastic strings. Between one session and another you can't waste time fastening your shoes, so you need something to pull and tighten quickly, just like the elastic strings with cursor.

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