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Cycling is a wonderful sport thanks to many aspects; it can have the characteristics of a quiet ride, or it can have high athletic content if you follow the footsteps of the great champions, or it can still be an interesting means of exploration.

Who is it for? Cycling is a healthy sport for all, doesn't overload the muscles and joints, allows a considerable progressive commitment and therefore adapts to individual organic conditions.
What is it for? Cycling helps you develop fantastic lower body strength: your quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks. You also strengthen core muscles because you’re working on keeping balanced and upright. As well, cycling is a low-impact sport and tends to be easy on the joints. The varied intensity of biking’working at a moderate pace on a flat stretch, then pushing harder on an uphill climb, then returning to another less intense flat stretch but maybe riding into the wind this time’helps you build a strong cardiovascular system, too. Cycling is often as good for the spirit as it is for the body.
What do you need to do it at home? With a good bike, a helmet, a pair of suitable shoes and good shorts you can then finish the clothing with common and comfortable outfit

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