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The RUNNING is the activity on which the vast majority of sports activities are based. In athletics, the race is divided into two sectors: speed and resistance. The subdivision is given by the different use of energy sources and therefore by the different training methods. The anaerobic effort is predominant in fast races, while in the endurance races the aerobic effort of the muscles is predominant.

Who is it for? To get rid of everyday stress, to get back in shape and not least to lose weight: these are the main reasons why you start running. However, the motivation to start running disappears just as quickly as it comes! Often running proves more difficult than expected for beginner runners and the body also needs its time to adapt to new physical stimuli.
What is it for? First of all, running makes you lose weight. Anyone who has ever run in his life knows this: you feel more energetic, active and perky. But the real benefits are seen in the medium to long term. Running accelerates the metabolism and helps burn fat, particularly with medium intensity runs. On the other hand, our body will burn carbohydrates at high rates. The race, then, is a natural antidepressant. Helps produce the good hormone, serotonin, and decreases stress levels. Therefore, running is good not only for the body but also for the brain. The benefits of running are also to promote mental relaxation and consequently night rest.
What do you need to do it at home? For those who start, or have decided to start running, there is only one purchase to make: a specific pair of running shoes. Everything else, from outfit to gadgets, can be superfluous. Now, it must be said immediately that there are no specific shoes for those who start running from scratch, and that each one is different, and that there is no better pair of shoes. Which is why the best thing would be to contact at least for the first time at a fairly technical shop to be able to recommend the shoes best suited to your physical conformation and your type of support.

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