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Swimming is the motor activity that allows the buoyancy and motion of one's body in the water. Swimming involves almost all the muscles of the body, and is considered a complete and healthy sport, which distributes movement homogeneously throughout the body, promoting health, longevity and physical and psychological well-being.

Who is it for? Swimming is a complete discipline that does not exclude anyone. Lessons are offered to babies, children, adolescents, adults, men, women, pregnant women, the elderly. The benefits of swimming are such that this discipline can be applied in different ways or adapted to the particular needs of each individual. Both for people with all their physical abilities and for people with reduced mobility.
What is it for? It often involves aesthetic and physical benefits: usually you get an increase in lean mass and a reduction in fat, the development of bone scaffold and expansion of the rib cage, improvement of motor and respiratory coordination and reduction of spasticity
What do you need to do it at home? The essential accessories: the swimsuit, the googles and the cap. They are indispensable for hygienic reasons and will facilitate progress in the water. The cap promotes body aerodynamics. The goggles protect the eyes and allow you to comfortably perform underwater movements. Other accessories can be useful for working in certain areas of the body. For example, paddle fingers, short plates to slide between the fingers to strengthen the upper part of the body adding resistance. Or the pull-kick, a float that combines a kickboard and pull boy. Used as a kickboard, it allows stressing only the lower part of the body while the arms rest on the tablet. Used between the legs as a pullboy, this action will help balance the lower body to focus on the movement of the arms.

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