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The BOOTY BARRE is a new fitness discipline that combines dance with some characteristic elements of Yoga and Pilates, all with the help of a typical instrument present in the exercises of classical dance: the barre. The inventor of this new technique is Tracey Mallet, personal trainer of Hollywood stars: according to the famous trainer, the Booty Barre is extremely effective for sculpting muscles and buttocks, hence the name "booty".

Who is it for? The Booty Lab is a perfect activity for those who want to keep fit and, at the same time, train intensively.
What is it for? To perform both dynamic and aerobic training, increasing the flexibility of the muscles and toning of the buttocks, legs and abdominals. Moreover, it is very useful for improving one's breathing.
What do you need to do it at home? Something that "simulates" the barre of classical dance: the back of a chair, the back of the sofa or, if it is not too high, a kitchen table.

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