The MINDFULNESS technique has evolved and developed to the point of being used also for clinical purposes: significant improvements in the perception of physical and mental well-being, creativity and blood parameters have also been demonstrated in healthy individuals who practice the technique. The meaning of the word Mindfulness is profound awareness.

Who is it for? MINDFULNESS is for those who want to go deeper - increase the awareness they already have and learn as much as possible about the world and how it works. Everyone can benefit from it and it is easy to learn.
What is it for? The potential benefits of MINDFULNESS are enormous and far-reaching. To a large extent, the benefits depend on the mind that initiates this process. Some people, for example, can take greater advantage of a greater connection with their body, while others get the maximum benefit from learning how to deal with annoying thoughts.
What do you need to do it at home? You don't need to buy anything, you can practice anywhere: all you need is to spend some time and space to access your awareness skills every day.

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