Combat final

Combat Training is in effect a training that is part of the athletic preparation of boxing and other combat sports. The promise is that of a hard and intensive training that will shape not only the physical but also the mind.

Who is it for? It is a mix of several disciplines and is suitable for those who want to improve their cardiovascular condition and optimize their fat consumption, with options to satisfy every skill, and your instructor will be able to follow all the moves.
What is it for? The benefits of COMBAT are therefore both physical and mental. On the one hand, it combines a work of muscle strengthening with a cardiovascular action. It also helps improve speed and agility. From a psychological point of view, unlike some martial arts that require long learning, COMBAT is above all fun, which can channel aggression and reduce stress.
What do you need to do it at home? You don't need any equipment, but it's a good idea to wear support shoes and comfortable workout clothes.

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