Krav 2

The KRAVIT is the only musical fitness program capable of transmitting the techniques of personal defense to the rhythm of a music studied according to the movements. The KRAVFIT draws inspiration from the techniques of krav maga in the realization of this exciting musical fitness program, fun but above all effective, with the desire to bring personal defense to a female audience too.

Who is it for? The KRAVFIT serves to all those who are looking for an exciting, entertaining but above all effective musical fitness program, where defense, fitness and music come together to give life to this innovative discipline and the peculiarity is that there are no limitations because it is easy to follow and it is suitable for everyone.
What is it for? The most obvious benefits are: increased strength, resistance, flexibility, greater functionality of the cardio-circulatory system, a noticeable increase in perceptive capacity and reaction, balance, agility and coordination. The KRAVFIT also trains instinctive responses and reflexes that allow the development of greater self-confidence that reflects positively on the activities of daily life.
What do you need to do it at home? You don't need any equipment, but it's a good idea to wear support shoes and comfortable workout clothes.

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